Court Report:
July 2017 Edition

assembled by Jill Nagahara-Evans
President's Message

It's been a whirlwind of activity for the Mountain View Tennis Club since we last sent out the Court Report.

Shashank Gopal did a great job of planning the General Meeting in March. Joel Drucker was an engaging and interesting speaker and shared many wonderful stories. If you've ever wondered how the tennis commentators get all of their historical data to share while on air - look no further than Joel Drucker. He was recently voted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame as historian-at-large.

We had a great time at the Mountain View Parade on Saturday, April 22nd. The theme was "Saddle Up, Mountain View" and Jill Nagahara won best dressed with her red cowboy boots, bandana and cowboy hat. YeeHaw! Thanks also to Jim Evans, Fer Padilla, Kathy Nichols, Bill Martin and Noah Banks for being part of the parade. Fer carried the big tennis racquet, provided by Swetka's Tennis Shop and the rest of us volleyed junior tennis balls with our tennis racquets down Castro Street.

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We've recently worked out a deal where Mountain View Tennis Club Members can get a 10% discount on non-sale items at Swetka's. To get the discount, let Swetka's know that you are a member of the club and give them your email address so that they can let you know of specials and sales. MVTC supports local businesses and Swetka's has been a staunch supporter of the club. They've got a great tennis racquet demo program if you're looking for a new racquet.


We had our first Tennis Day this past Saturday. It was a lot of fun. Participants grooved their shot making and footwork through drills with John Togasaki, partner and pro at Mountain View Tennis at Cuesta. They honed their volleys using a ball machine with Bill Martin. Played with the latest demo racquets provided by Swetka's Tennis Shop and Wilson and had a chance to see who had the fastest serve.  As it turns out, Pasha Smolin does. He clocked in at a smokin' 106 mph. For the women, we had a sudden death serve smackdown between Kathy Nichols and Jill Nagahara to break the tie of 60 mph between them. Kathy Nichols was the winner.

L-R   Kathy Nichols (women’s fast serve) , Shashank Gopal (Fast Serve Station Master) , & Pasha Smolin (men’s fast serve)

A big thank you to John Togasaki, Bill Martin, Shashank Gopal, Harold Habeck and Jill Nagahara for making the event a success. 

We have a lot more planned for the summer: Tournaments, Drop-In tennis, Interclub matches with San Carlos Tennis Club and a social in September.

Tournament News

By Peter Dollinger

On a Sunny day in April, MVTC hosted a mixed doubles tournament.  We had a lot of fun in the sun.  Here are the winners.

  • Main Draw 1 - Debbie Tripiano & Warren Yamaguchi

  • Main Draw 2 - Khiem Tuong & Jon Von Garvisch

  • Men's Draw 1 Steve Lai & Alex Yuan

Honorable mention goes to Terrie Rayl and Fer Padilla for helping out with picking up and setting up the food.  Thank you for your help, Jill.
We had an amazing turnout for the May doubles tournament. Forty-four people showed up to duke it out on the Rengstorff battleground. At the end of the day we had the following winners.

  • Men's Division 1 - Gary Buzzell & Leo Valdes

  • Men's Division 2 - Corey Ebadat & Naroo Krishnan

  • Women's Division 1 - Alice Isaacson & Chisato Rubin

If anyone has any suggestions or comments concerning our tournaments, please let Peter know at  I welcome all feedback!!

A special shout out to the food contributors:  Donna Akina, Marla Lindsay, Izumi Yaskawa, Jeremy Chin, Madan Venugopal, Terrie Rayl,  Kathy Nichols  and Company for helping out with the food in my absence, thank you so much.  Jill 

Coming up in July we will have another mixed doubles tournament.  Then after that we will have an interclub with San Carlos in August.  I hope to see everyone on the courts!!

MVTC-sign ups July Mixed Tournament

Mountain View Open

By John Togasaki & Natalie Johnson

Thanks to the MVTC members who came to watch this year's Mountain View Open (MVO) and our wonderful MVTC members who volunteered their time and talent to the event: Terrie, Harold, Bill, Fer, Jill, Jim, Peter and Noah. We're already gearing up for the 50th playing of the MVO in 2018 and welcome any and all help from MVTC members!

Here are some of this year's results:  

Andy Zhou, from Palo Alto, who just completed his sophomore season playing for the Harvard tennis team, was the #1 seed (he won the tournament two years ago), but he fell in the final to #2 seed and 16 year old Jenson Brooksby (from the Sacramento area) 6-1, 6-4. Jenson is the #2 ranked 16 year old in the U.S.

Brian Brogan, from Los Gatos, made to to the quarterfinals of the singles and lost in the finals of the Men’s Doubles with partner Max Liberty-Point.  Brian played for Santa Clara University and Max played for UC Santa Cruz.  The winners of the Men’s Doubles were Christopher Kipouras (San Ramon) and Mark Meyer (Danville). 

There were many up and coming young players in the tournament this year.  In addition to Jenson Brooksby, his partner, Karl Lee once again played in the tournament.  Karl was seeded #17 in singles and lost in the round of 32.  Jenson and Karl lost in the quarterfinals of the men’s doubles.

Sara Choy, a junior at Sacred Heart (who won CCS girls singles her freshman and sophomore years) won the women’s singles over Carolyn Campana (Hillsborough)  by walkover.  Carolyn had to pull out with a hamstring injury after her dramatic semifinal win over #1 seed Allie Will.  Will was ranked top 300 in the world just a few years ago and played #1 for Florida when they won the national championship.  During the third set, Campana injured her leg, but fought through it to win the match 2-6, 6-4, 6-4.  She decided it wasn’t worth the risk of further injury and decided to pull out of the finals shortly after her victory.  The other semifinal match was in the middle of a see saw battle at the time of Campana’s decision, but neither player knew that the winner of the semifinal match would be the winner of the tournament.  The other semifinal pitted two top high school juniors against one another.  Sara Choy (Palo Alto) fought off two match points late in the third set over Niluka Madurawe (Sunnyvale) to take the semifinals as well as the overall title.

Tournament Director John Togasaki competed in the mixed doubles, losing in the 2nd round.  It was his 21st consecutive Mountain View Open as a player.

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By Jim Evans

MVTC currently has three active USTA teams. John Farcich and Liz Chambers head up the mixed 18+ 7.0 squad. Linda Anthony and Warren Yamaguchi lead women’s and men’s 55+ teams playing at the 8.0 level. The season is still early and we wish success to all three teams. 

The  40+ League and the 18+ League just wrap up

Congratulations to Warren Yamaguchi and Gary Buzzell who's 40+ 4.0 team made it to Round 1 of playoffs. 

Congratulations to Jill Nagahara-Evans  on her 40+ 3.5 team for making it to Districts.  It was a very lean team of 10 people fielding 5 lines playing in Sacramento, with gusty winds on one morning and very hot weather on other days.   Honorable mention goes to Nicole Anglin who was nominated for a Sportsmanship Award, by one of her opponents while playing at Districts.

L-R Nicole Anglin, Marla Lindsay, Sumin Elarde, Jill Nagahara, Liz Chambers, Lindy Brauner, & Salima Voron. (Not pictured Donna Akina, Toshiko Tashiro, Vanessa Jordan and Izumi Yaskawa)

Congratulations to Jill Nagahara-Evans on her 18+ 3.5 team for making it to Round 1 of playoffs.

In case you missed the announcement by USTA a couple of weeks ago regarding league schedule changes, here it is again:

Dear Captains, Players and Organization Partners, 

We are excited to announce that the popular Adult 40 & Over League will change from the current three line format to five lines for the 2018 season. This change will also cause Mixed 55 & Over and Mixed 40 & Over seasons to be moved on the league's calendar.  

2018 Adult 40 & Over local league matches will consist of two singles matches and three doubles contests, just like Adult 18 & Over.  

Since its inception in 2013, Adult 40 & Over local league matches have consisted of one singles match and two doubles matches. This format was originally adopted due to concerns from our facilities about the impact of another five-line league on court availability. However, USTA National required that District and Sectional Championships conform to the National format of five lines. Thus, many teams had difficulty qualifying enough players to field full line-ups (8 players) at championships.  This resulted in numerous defaults, which are disappointing and create needless travel expenses for their opponents.   

Moving to five lines should eliminate the default problem at Adult 40 & Over Championship events. It also will get more players on the court per match throughout the season, and fun, competitive match play is what we are all about! Finally, the teams we send to Nationals will be more fully stocked and better prepared. 

We appreciate the USTA NorCal Board of Directors for approving this move, and as always appreciate the service and flexibility of our facilities. To minimize the impact on court usage, we are making several additional changes to the league calendar.  

Mixed 40 & Over is moving to the Fall, where it will run alongside 2017 Combo. This will occur Fall 2017. The 2018 Mixed 40 & Over season will actually begin in 2017; registration will open July 17. 

2018 Mixed 55 will move to the winter months and play alongside Adult 40 & Over. 

In making decisions about the leagues program, your volunteer Adult League Committee and USTA NorCal staff constantly review survey data and seek input from players, captains, tennis directors, facility operators, our Board members and others. Please continue to let us know what you think as we strive to create the best recreational tennis experience possible.



Larry Olmstead                                          Tamara Ramos

Adult League Committee Chair                Adult League Manager

Drop-in Tennis

By Natalie Johnson

We had great weather and about 15 players for our Friday evening drop-in tennis at Cuesta in March. Since members keep asking about the next one, we are trying to schedule a couple more Fridays for drop-in in July, so be on the lookout for an upcoming emails with dates and times.

Check out our calendar of events

Every month we have an event.  Still coming up in the summer: mixed dobles tournament, interclub with San Carlos, Drop-in-Tennis etc.  Stay tuned with our calendar!

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