Volunteers are why the Mountain View Tennis Club is one of the best public tennis clubs in the Bay Area. Our tournaments are well run, fun, and have good food. We have tennis clinics, racquet demos, and social events. Not to mention our two Dinners/General Meetings we have every year.

Giant Tennis Racket and Ball delight kids at MV Family Parade

An MVTC contingent led by Jeremy Chen walked in this year's MV Family Parade, this past weekend. The group included current MVTC President Madan, MVTC Secretary Jo-Ann, past president George Koo, long time MVTC member Noah Banks, new social chair Myrna, tournament chair Jeremy and his partner Douglas and nephew, Gary Buzzell who has been an active participant at many club events, and one of the newest members Mallika. The USTA Santa Clara representative, Chris Samuel, kindly loaned us a giant Racket and Ball to enliven the parade.

April Interclub Tournament Summary

It was a beautiful April day when our friends from San Carlos Tennis Club paid us a visit at Rengstorff Park bringing many excellent tennis players and wrestling the Squirrel from our hands with a good game.

It was a tight match from beginning to end with ups and downs and a slight 2-game advantage for MVTC after the first 5 rounds only to finish in a resounding victory for SCTC in the final round.


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