The Mountain View Tennis Club, founded in late 1966, is a non-profit community organization established to promote tennis in the City of Mountain View. Since its inception the goals of MVTC have been to sponsor social and competitive tennis activities for adult tennis players. Various activities are organized by its club members, such as tournaments, ladders, inter-club competition, social events, and USTA league play.

Q. How do I join the club?
A. To join, fill out the appropriate membership application form and mail it with a check to the following address: Mountain View Tennis Club, P.O. Box 336, Mountain View, CA 94042-0336. Mountain View residents must also provide proof of residency, typically a PG&E or phone bill or a current rental agreement, showing your name and MV address. Click here to access the applications and for more information.

Q. I'm new to the club. How can I find people to play tennis with?
A. The monthly club tournaments provide a great forum for competitive tennis as well as an opportunity to meet up with other tennis players. Additionally, playing on a MVTC sponsored USTA league team allows you to get to know players with similar tennis ability and to play competitive matches against other club teams.

Q. I'm new to the club. What types of activities can I get involved in?
A. Social events held during the tennis season provide an opportunity for members to become better acquainted, socialize, and arrange future matches. Or, if you would like to get involved in helping to run a club tournament or with food at a tournament, your assistance is always welcomed. Please contact .

Q. How can I determine my rating?
A. There are two kinds of NTRP ratings: self ratings and computer ratings. Self rating is an informal rating that you will find useful when participating in club tournaments and social events. Computer ratings involve the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and are generated annually after playing two USTA league matches in a season. For more information on the USTA rating system, click here to go to the USTA Norcal website.

Q. How do I join a USTA league team?
A. MVTC sponsors men's, women's and mixed USTA teams. To participate, you must be both a MVTC club member and a USTA member. The club also allows non-resident applicants on the waiting list for MVTC membership to play on our USTA teams, if those teams are based out of Cuesta Tennis Center (not Rengstorff).

To sign up for a MVTC sponsored USTA team, find a team here.

For information on USTA membership, please click here.

If you have any questions about USTA contact .


last modified 16-Dec-2016