Tennis Ladder

Registration a. Create an account on b. Join the Mountain View Tennis Players Network ( c. Click the "Join Ladder" link in the "Ladder Menu" Ladder Rules The ladder is open to players at all levels. It is free to join and will end December 31, 2015. We recommend that matches be played in Best of 3 format, where the winner is first to win 2 sets. Players are expected to maintain current contact information to help coordinate with others participating in the ladder. Ranking system Players are awarded points based on their difference in rating. This encourages people to play more matches to maintain their ladder ranking. The number of points a player receives is based on the match format. In a 3 set match, the most points one could receive is 39 points. This is because 39 is the maximum number of games that could be played in a 3 set match (7-6,6-7,7-6). Here is how the systems works in a Best of 3 format: 1. If the winner has a higher rating , he/she will receive 39 points minus the number of games the loser won. 2. If the winner has a lower rating, his/her new points will be the points of the loser, plus 39 points minus the number of games the loser won. 3. The loser always receives 1 point for each game that they win. Score reporting After a match, the winner is expected to report the score. Ladder
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