July Tournament Draw

Players, I look forward to seeing you at this Saturday's mixed doubles tournament. We will start at 8:30am with a light breakfast and please sign in at the desk according to your assigned start time listed below. Most players start at 8:30 with a few who got a first round bye.

All matches will be played at Rengstorff park in Mountain View. If this is your first time, please use google map to find out where the courts are. They can be somewhat difficult to locate if this is your first time.

All matches should be played with regular 2 sets, with a 10 point tie break for the third set if you split the first two. Please report your score after your match completes right away so we can schedule the second round.

You can use court 7 or 8 for practice.

Lunch will be served at around 12:30pm.

Please pay at the desk with cash or check if you did not pay via paypal.

Please find below information about your partner, bracket, match start time, etc.

MVTC Tournaments

Group A round 1 round 2
michael alvarez m4.0 kathy nichols w4.0 10am

gary buzzell m4.0 nora hayward w4.0 8:30am
sameer Ladiwala m4.0 jill nagahara w3.5

madan venugopal m3.5 debra vernon w4.0 9:00am
harold habeck m4.0 terrie rayl w3.5

brook lee m4.0 jennifer adams w4.5 10am

Group B
perry lim m4.0 rie collett w3.0 10am

steve cousins m3.5 izumi yaskawa w3.5 8:30am
Nad Karim m3.5 paula thomas w3.5

joel young m3.5 aleta nye w3.5 8:30am
dennis tacci m3.5 mary watanabe w3.5

dana glusovich m3.5 sara pawloski w3.5 10am

Group C
steven boljonis m3.5 sara martin w2.5 8:30am
butch logan m3.0 patsy duke w2.5

Lloyd Oki m3.0 emily gupta w3.0 8:30am
Alexander Sergeev m2.5 liseth sejas w2.5