August Singles Tournament--Back by popular demand

Signups are now open for our Singles Tournament on August 20.

The number of Divisions will be based on the number of entries. Division I will typically be 4.0 and higher. Division II will be 3.5 and lower. Division III, if needed, 3.0 and lower.

Players may be moved higher as needed (for example, 3.5 into Division I) to adjust draws. Please indicate if you do not wish to be moved into higher division.

If not enough women for singles division, women may be moved into the main Men’s draw. 4.0 Women would be equivalent to 3.5 Men's, 3.5 Women equivalent to 3.0 Men's, etc., i.e., a half-level rating lower. Please indicate if you do not wish to play in the Men's draw.

Most players can expect to finish by 1:30 pm.

The registration fee for club members is $15 and for non-members is $20 and includes a light breakfast and lunch.

Perry Lim, August Tournament Director