August Tournament Draw and Format

Welcome to the return of the MVTC Singles Tournament. We have a good turnout with 24 participants with 4 divisions. Mens’ Division I has 4.0 to 5.0 players. Mens’ Division II has 3.0 to 3.5 players. Women’s ratings range from 3.0 to 4.0. Because we had 9 women, I had to split the women’s draw into 2 divisions. Please see the drawsheets for your start time. Most people will be starting at 8:30 AM. Check-in and warmup time will be 8 to 8:15 AM. Please show up early and on time as we want to get started on time at 8:30 AM. Warmup limited to 10 min.

Everyone has a 8:30 AM start time except the following people. These people have a 9:30 AM check-in time: Steve Lai, Vignesh Iyer, Michael Alvarez, Peter Dollinger, Mike Rodgers, Fer Padilla, Kathy Nichols, Jill Nagahara.

Format will be best of 3 sets. 10 point Match Supertiebreaker required for final 3rd set if needed. NOTE: To speed things along, the default format will be World Team Tennis set. No-ad scoring. At 3-3 (deuce), deciding point wins. First player to 5 games wins the set. If tied at 4-4, then play a regular tiebreaker to 7. If both players agree, you may play a regular set (with ads) to 6. However, please be aware that you may need to play 6 sets if you make it to the finals or consolation finals. If one person does not agree to play regular set, then you must play World Team Tennis set to 5.


408-802-8865, text me if any problems

Jill/Kathy please still show up at 8:00/8:15 AM to help with check-in. Thank you.