September Tournament Results

On a fine September day, 9/17/2017, MVTC hosted the return of our annual 2017 singles tournament. The weather was warm but not too hot thankfully as the heat wave broke. We saw great play, spectacular triumphs, and fun times. There were three draws: Division 1 men, Division 2 men, & Division 1 women. We originally had 23 people signed up with our limit of 24 maximum. Despite a few dropouts, we had a nice draw. The range of Men's Division I was from 3.5 to 4.5 and Men's Division II ranged from 3.0 to 3.5. We had three 3.5 men play up to even the draw. The range of Women's Draw was from 2.5 to 4.0. The format was World Team Tennis sets first to win 5 and no Ads scoring, best of 3 sets and required 3rd set super-tiebreaker which made for quicker matches.

Thank you food coordinator Jill Nagahara for providing the food and refreshments. Seasoned veteran player Perry Lim ended up meeting our new tournament chairman Peter Dollinger in the finals. Unrated/unseeded newcomers husband and wife So and Haruko Ogiwara each shocked the field by winning Men's Divison II and the Women's Division. Prizes were gift cards to Swetka's, our sponsor, and various tennis themed items.

Division 1 - Perry Lim beat Peter Dollinger
Div 1 Consolation - Nad Karim
Division 2 - So Ogiwara beat Bob Randall
Div 2 Consolation - Dennis Tacci
Division 1 - Haruko Ogiwara beat Ilana Volfin in 3rd set super-tiebreaker
Div 1 Consolation - Colleen McCullough

Congrats to all the winners and the participants for fighting hard and a fun day of tennis.