About the Grand Prix

At each event, Grand Prix points are awarded based on participation and results. For tournaments, 50 points to the winner, 40 points to the runner-up, 30 points to the consolation winner, 20 points for winning at least one match, 10 points for showing up. For non-tourney events (Tennis Day & Interclub), 20 points for showing up and an additional 10 if win.

At the end of the season, MVTC holds an invitational tournament in November for the top Grand Prix point-getters. Any player collecting at least 60 points by the end of October (not counting ladder) is eligible to play in the November MVTC Grand Prix tournament.

Furthermore, The MVTC Ladder will reward points based on standing: 50 for 1st place, 40 for 2nd, 30 for 3rd, 20 for 4th, and 10 for everyone else on the ladder. This will count cumulative for every type of ladder. Sign up for more ladders, get more points.

Note: Current standings are posted on the website under Race to the Grand Prix.

At the end of the calendar 2017 year, final points will be tallied. The top male and female each win $50 and will have their name inscribed in the trophy case at Cuesta Park and in MVTC history FOREVER!!! grand prix trophy

Past Grand Prix Winners

Year Male Female
2017 Peter Dollinger Marla Lindsay
2016 Perry Lim Kathryn Nichols
2015 Perry Lim Marla Lindsay
2014 Perry Lim Kathryn Nichols
2013 Perry Lim Catherine Puzon
2012 Perry Lim Catherine Puzon
2011 Solomon Tan Katharine Altemus
2010 Noah Banks/
Douglas Anderson
Catherine Puzon
2009 Rob Laing Kathy Wheeler
2008 Rajiv Khilnani Krissi Justice
2007 Jeff Boeker Nancy Pizzo
2006 Bernie Paragas Lori Cruz-Spray
2005 Howard Giles/
Rajiv Khilnani
Snyeska Bendis
2004 Igor Novikov Amanda Kao/Caroline Raynaud
2003 Tri Phan Liz Chambers
2002 Ara Hamamjian Lori Cruz-Spray
2001 Adam Brody Kathy Nichols
2000 Miguel Trujillo Irene Otten
1999 Mark Barron Laura Finkelstein
1998 Mark Barron Laura Finkelstein
1997 Mark Barron Lori Cruz-Spray
1996 Mark Barron Ann Togasaki
1995 Adam Brody Carol Tolen