May 2018 MVTC Singles Tournament Summary

For the MVTC 2018 Singles tournament, we had a good turnout despite some last minute dropouts. The MVTC continues to evolve to meet the needs of its members. Players today want a half-day tournament that is quick, fast, and fun.

This year we introduced a super fast format: Each round was 1 Winner-take-all No-Ad Set. No room for error and no time for a comeback. Everyone seemed satisfied with the amount of tennis as no one opted for the Pro-Set 8-game option for the finals. This made for more rapid results and having the tournament finished by 12:30 pm, a 1st time for the club.

Prizes included our traditional Swetka gift cards, and tasty food was provided by Jill N.


Men’s Division I
Finals: Pasha S. beat Perry L. 6-1
Semis: Pasha S. beat Sameer L. 6-3; Perry L. beat Peter D. 6-0
Qtrs: Pasha S. beat Kang C. 6-1, Sameer L. beat Stephen L. 6-3, Perry L. beat Yash K. 6-2, Peter D. beat Devin D. 7-5
Consolation Final: Yash K. beat Stephen L. 6-2

Men’s Division II
Finals: Mustafa F. beat Chuck A. 6-1
Semis: Mustafa F. beat Dana G. 3-2 (retired), Chuck A. beat Dennis T. 6-2
Consolation Final: Sujan B. beat Tom T. 6-1

Women’s Division
Finals: Rebecca W. beat Terrie R. 7-5
Semis: Rebecca W. beat Ren-Hui T. 6-2; Terrie R. beat Colleen M. 6-3
Consolation Final: Sridevi N. beat Emily C. 6-1


by Perry Lim
May 2018 MVTC Singles Tournament Director