Club Calendar

Calendar for 2018

Board meetings are held monthly on Wednesdays 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the MV Senior Center.

Note: The information below is subject to change.

Month Meetings Tournaments Social
Category Date Events
Jan 1/17
Feb 2/21 Fri 2/9 Drop-In Tennis at Rengstorff
Wed 2/28 Inner Game of Tennis at Panera on El Monte Ave at El Camino
Mar 3/21 St Patrick's Team Tennis Sat 3/17
Apr Fri 4/6 Drop-In Tennis at Rengstorff. Sat 4/7 Free Tennis Clinic at Cuesta
4/11 General Meeting 6pm to 9pm
4/18 Doubles Sat 4/14 Sat 4/21 Mtn View Parade 10am to 1pm
May 5/16 Singles Sat 5/12 5/19 to 5/28 Mtn View Open at Cuesta Park
Wed 5/23 Winning Ugly at Panera on El Monte Ave at El Camino
Jun 6/20 Mixed Doubles Sat 6/16 Fri 6/1
Drop-In Tennis at Rengstorff
July 7/18 Team Tennis Sat 7/21 7/13 Drop-In Tennis at Rengstorff
Tues 7/31 MVTC at Mubadala Silicon Valley Tennis Classic in San Jose
Aug 8/15 Doubles Sat 8/18 Drop-In Tennis
Sep Sun 9/9 US Open Finals Potluck Party
9/19 San Carlos Interclub Tournament Sat 9/15
Oct 10/17 San Carlos Interclub at Rengstorff Sat 10/13 Drop-In Tennis
10/24 General Meeting 6pm to 9pm MVTC Halloween Tournament Sat 10/27
Nov 11/15 (Thurs) Grand Prix Sat 11/10
Dec 12/12