MVTC Membership

The club is open to all residents of the incorporated areas of Mountain View who are at least 18 years of age. Non-resident members are welcome also. The club must maintain a MV resident majority (50% + 1), so we encourage as many MV residents to join as possible, to accommodate the popularity of this club with many tennis players from the surrounding area. Membership is on a calendar year basis (January to December).

There is one application for both MV residents and non-residents, so be sure to check the appropriate boxes. Please note early bird renewal fees for MV residents -- a tiered dues structure to encourage early renewal.

If you have any questions about membership not answered below, please email .

To Join

Click here to join online.

To join by mail, fill out the membership application form (see below or here) and include a check. Mountain View residents must also provide proof of residency, typically a PG&E or phone bill or a current rental agreement, showing your name and MV address. Submit these materials to the following address:

Mountain View Tennis Club
P.O. Box 336
Mountain View, CA 94042-0336

Expect an acknowledgement within 2 weeks. If you do not receive one, please email .


Dues for new MV resident applicants are $20.00 until 12/31.
Renewal dues for MV resident applicants are tiered from $20.00 to $30.00 depending upon time of renewal.
Renew early and save!

Non-resident dues are $40.00 per person per year.

See the membership application for details or sign up online here.



The city of MV requires the club to maintain a MV resident majority in its membership. As such, non-resident applications must be processed on a rolling basis contingent on MV resident applications received and processed each year.

MVTC uses a tiered dues structure and personalized renewal mailings to encourage Mountain View residents to rejoin as early as possible, so that we can accommodate as many non-residents as early as possible.

Renewal applicants will have priority over any new applicants, as long as their applications are postmarked by 2/28. These applications will be processed in the order received.

New non-resident applications will be added to the waiting list in the order they were received, but behind all renewal applications which were postmarked by 2/28.


Non-residents who have filed a completed MVTC application and payment but who are put on a waitlist are allowed to play USTA matches on MVTC teams while on the waitlist. They may also attend any MVTC events, but may be required to pay nominal guest or non-member fees (e.g. General Meetings and Tournaments) while on the waitlist.

Non-resident applicants still on a waitlist at the end of the year will be rolled into regular (not waitlisted) membership for the following year along with all other returning non-resident members who get their membership applications in on time.

The Membership Director will confirm that applications have been received as quickly as possible (generally within 2 weeks of application submission) and let the non-resident applicant know where they stand on the waiting list. Applicants may check on the status of their application, ask questions, or request that their application and check be destroyed at any time by contacting .

Membership Applications

Click on the link: Membership Application (PDF document)

A limited number of application forms may also be available at the Mountain View Recreation Center (201 S. Rengstorff Ave), Cuesta Park Tennis Center (on Cuesta Drive between Miramonte and Grant Road), or Swetka's Tennis Shop (at El Monte and El Camino in the corner shopping center).