October Interclub MVTC/SCTC

Dear MVTC Interclub players,

Thank you all for joining us for a fun Interclub match with San Carlos. Due to your efforts we won a tightly contested tournament vs San Carlos by a slim margin of 183 to 174 games and retained custody of our Killer Squirrel. The teams were evenly matched and the San Carlos team were good players and great sportspeople. I will take blame for and apologize for the mixup in the third round with court mixup and not so even matchups.

Thanks to Jill Nagahara-Evans and her able associate(s) for the great food and drinks and thanks to my partner Perry for running a very fun tournament today. It was a great day of tennis with a lot of very good matches and if you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did, I think we will call it a good tournament.

Here are some photos of the Killer Squirrel trophy and the tournament. We will be posting these on mvtc.net and I will be sending to San Carlos to post on their website. If anyone objects to posting their photos, do let me know and I will remove your photos.

Thanks to Dave Perotti Sr for finding the Killer Squirrel trophy and donating it to MVTC, He and Karen Morrisette made the trophy. Good luck to Dave P and his team in the USTA Nationals at Palm Springs this weekend.