MVTC Court Report - November 2016

Assembled by Jill Nagahara

MVTC 50th Anniversary Weekend – What a Blast!

Mountain View Tennis Club celebrated 50 years as a non-profit, all volunteer, community organization last month with a weekend of fun tennis and an evening of dinner and dancing. Organized by Perry Lim and Jeremy Chen, the Saturday & Sunday morning team tennis events were competitive and well attended. A big thank you to Peet's Coffee and Hobee's Restaurant, for providing the morning coffee and coffee cake both days. A real treat! And a very big thank you to Mike Rodgers, who volunteered his expert chef skills and barbecued up a wonderful tri tip lunch and delicious garden salads.

The weekend culminated with a very special evening of dinner and dancing at Mountain View’s Senior Center. With just a little over 100 in attendance, old and new friends alike gathered from far and near to share memories of MVTC and their passion for the game of tennis. The Gold & Black balloon decorated tables had commemorative MVTC 50th tennis towels for each guest while a slide-show of past and current Club event photos displayed on the big screen. Our special guest speakers, Frank Swanson our Club’s second President and Gerry Madea one of the former VP’s both shared their history and fond memories with MVTC. Carol Tolen also shared some memories in the form of a letter from Don Shirk our Club’s first president too as he was unable to attend the festivities.. And we hope folks who took advantage of the photo op corner, will want to share their photos on the MVTC website by contacting any of the Board members listed. If you haven’t already done so check out the 50th photos here we clean up nicely!

MVTC’s outgoing President, Madan Venugopal, took care of business and presided over his last Club General Meeting. Not enough can be said to thank Madan for stepping up to lead the Club these past years when no one else wanted to take it on. His leadership and sincere dedication to the survival of MVTC inspired many Club members to lend their time and energy to numerous MVTC events.

The evening ended with DJ ‘music thru the decades’ - as the lights dimmed and folks took advantage of letting loose on the dance floor.

Of course, this event couldn’t have happened without the humor, creativity, time and energy spent by the 50th Planning Committee: Jana Cushman, Jill Nagahara, Terrie Rayl, Fer Padilla, Maria Lange, Patsy Duke, Carol Tolen, Carol Buchser, Kathy Nichols, and Myrna Irigon. And a very special thank you to our volunteers we roped in to help with the set up and take down of tables/chairs/decorations, etc. You are all wonderful!

MVTC is all about passion for the game of tennis and getting involved. In partnership and with the support of the City of Mountain View’s Rec Department, MVTC relies on community members to be an active participant on and off the tennis courts. Let’s continue to celebrate our accomplishments and existence as an ALL volunteer, non profit community organization: Volunteer and join the fun!

Myrna Irigon, MVTC 50th Planning Team Leader

MVTC Historical piece submitted to Inside Tennis and the Mountain View Voice

The Mountain View Tennis Club was formed in 1966 by Don Schaefer, Mountain View Recreation Department Head; Don Gale, Rec. Dept. employee and force behind the Mountain View Open held every year in May; and Don Shirk, Men's Tennis Coach at Mountain View High School. The sport of tennis was rapidly growing in the '60s and '70s. Eight tennis courts were built at Rengstorff Park in 1966, and the community center served as the location for Board and General Meetings for the club.

Progressing through the '70s, tennis grew in popularity, and club membership reached its peak at 675 in 1975. Monthly tournaments were well-subscribed, and first rounds often needed to be played during the week prior to the actual weekend event.

Today monthly tournaments, USTA league teams, clinics, socials, Interclub tournaments with San Carlos, and twice-yearly catered General meetings still round out the Club’s activities, with a balanced membership open to residents and nonresidents.

-Carol Tolen, Board Member Adviser and Kathy Nichols, Publicity

Interclub vs San Carlos, Oct 22nd, 2016- Madan Venugopal

With a beautiful Fall Day as the setting, we had a very enjoyable and tightly contested Interclub match with the San Carlos Tennis Club. The prize was the Killer Squirrel trophy donated by Dave Perotti Sr.

This was the fifth in the series of Interclub matches between SCTC and MVTC. This time MVTC got to keep the Squirrel trophy with a very close score of 183 to 174 games. The SCTC team was very sporting and we had some great tennis.

Jill Nagahara and team put together a great lunch and light breakfast and kept the teams fueled up. Perry Lim and Madan Venugopal were Tournament Directors. Thanks to all who volunteered to set up and clean up. Volunteers are the key to a great club !

As you can see from the team photos both teams enjoyed themselves.


San Carlos Club

MVTC Grand Prix Invitational - Perry Lim

Date: Saturday Nov 12, 2016 (one-day tournament)

Time: 9 am to 1:00 pm

Participants: Open to members and non-members who qualified based on Grand Prix points (40 points or more)

Location: Rengstorff Tennis Courts

Tournament Director: Perry Lim

Format: World Team Tennis format with prizes for top 3 finishers in Men and Women.

Levels: All levels

Food Chair: Jill Nagahara-Evans

Entry Fee: $10 for all who have qualified regardless if member or nonmember; $15 (members), $20 (non-members) for non qualifiers

Entry Deadline: Wednesday, November 9th at 6:00pm (online) PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS EVENT IS FOR PLAYERS WHO HAVE QUALIFIED BASED ON POINTS EARNED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR, 40 POINTS OR MORE. PLEASE SEE LINK FOR GRAND PRIX POINTS. Players who wish to enter but do not have enough Grand Prix points have will be entered only if there are openings after qualifying players have signed. Space will be limited. Register at Mountain View Tennis Club

Membership Report – Guillaume Cottarel

It’s time to renew your membership. For all adult Mountain View Residents who sign up now until December 31, 2017 the annual fee is $20.00 and you can include an adult family member at no additional cost. Yes, that’s right – 2 adult Mountain View family members for $20.00. Please renew ASAP to take advantage of this offer. Your membership will become effective immediately and be in effect for the entire 2017 calendar year.

The State of the Union is good. For the past 6 years- since I joined the Club - the MVTC membership has fluctuated but remained overall consistent with an average of 228 members. The lowest tally was in 2013 with 177 members but reached a high in 2015 with 284 members. Our goal for 2017 is to have over 300 members.

Some simple statistics, showed that the gender ratio remained overall constant with a slight majority of Gentlemen (55%) compared to Ladies (45%). This well balanced ratio overall allowed to have tournaments for both genders and mixed teams to play for USTA competitions. On the arithmetic side again, the Club USTA ranking ranged from 2 to 4.5 with a vast majority of the players at the 3.5-4.0 level.

We are still facing some challenges to maintain and increase the membership. First, we have to maintain a balance of 50% + 1 Mountain View Resident to 50% non-MV resident ratio. This ratio is dictated by our By Laws and our agreement with the City of Mountain View. Second, we have to attract more next generation players and we’ve made some progress in that regard. We’ll be working on this initiative in 2017.

To accommodate some of the challenges mentioned above (By Laws rules, dramatic dip in membership in 2013), the MVTC has created some incentives such as for Mountain View Resident to include for the same nominal membership fee, an adult family member for free. In addition, membership forms may be found at the Mountain View Parks and neighboring condominiums. We’ve published articles to the local newspaper. One of our best advertisements has been the quality of our tournaments and the fun activities organized by the Club.

The 2017 season membership enrollment has started. Please re-enroll now and we encourage Mountain View residents to take advantage of the low cost special promotion! Honestly, the more Mountain View residents we get as members early, the better it is for the club overall.

Also, we count on you to advertise the MVTC Club to your tennis friends and if you have suggestions to assist increasing the vitality of MVTC, we want to hear from you! We’re looking forward to a fun 2017.

Guillaume Cottarel, Membership


From USTA Chair

The USTA 55 Mixed and Combo seasons are in their final third of the season with MVTC fielding 4 current USTA teams. Thanks go to Jill Nagahara-Evans, Hamid Rafiei and John Farcich for their deft leadership and for enabling our members to participate in league tennis.

Upcoming USTA Season

Registration for the 2017 USTA Adult 40+ and Mixed 40+ leagues runs from November 14 through December 5, 2016. The playing season is from January 2 to March 26. Adult 40 League accepts USTA members 40 years and older with matches playing 1 line of singles and 2 lines of doubles. Mixed play is 3 lines of doubles.

The club seeks members to captain Adult 40+ league teams at any level, but particularly 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0. Anyone wanting to form a team should email me at the address below. If you have never been a team captain before, there are more experienced club members able and willing to provide you with guidance. In addition, the club is using its resources to recruit members to sign up for teams. If you are interested and would like more information before committing, please let me know and I will be happy to answer your questions. Don't see a team forming at your level of play? Be a captain. It's a great way to meet folks and develop new tennis connections.

For all captains, please note that it is essential that you coordinate with the club before registering a team. We need to be sure to have a correct number of teams for the resources we have. You are free to recruit players in the meantime, pending approval from the club of your team's registration. The Mountain View Tennis Club welcomes new members and we encourage active recruitment to club teams, but please note that all team members must join the club before participating.

For inquiries or if you want to register a team, please send me an email with the proposed level of play and gender of the team you want to captain. I will let you know in time to register your team. Please email to: usta

Jim Evans
MVTC USTA Coordinator