Grand Prix 2017 Invitational Summary

We had our last tournament of the year with our Grand Prix Invitational Tournament on Saturday, Nov 12th. The Invitational Tournament is meant to reward players who have actively participated in MVTC tournaments throughout the year. 40 points were the requirement for entry, typically a semifinal showing or team tennis win.

The format was World Team Tennis sets with 1st to 5 games wins the set. We introduced a free point handicap for teams with 0.5 rating difference which could be used at anytime during the match, making for some fun and interesting tennis. We had 14 players total with 5 rounds and 2 players sitting out each round.

The Men's 1st place winner was Dana Glusovich with 20 points, 2nd place with 18 points Jean-Luc Marce, and a 3 way tie for 3rd place with 17 points each: Stephen Lai, Jim Evans, and Perry Lim. The 1st place winner received a nice MVTC T-shirt celebrating our 50th year. Other prizes awarded were another T-shirt, cooler bag, MVTC towel, and a bottle of wine.

The Women's 1st place winner with a score of 18 points was Marla Lindsay, 2nd place Mary Watanabe with 17 points, Kathy Nichols 3rd place with 16 points. The women received a nice bag with various goodies including tennis balls. For being the only person to enter every tournament this year, Jill Nagahara received a special gift of a can of tennis balls with a special card: a free entry into any future tournament.

Every entry also received a set of retractable headphones just for entering. Lunch with pizza was served to end the fun day. See our MVTC album for photos (coming soon).

The Grand Prix Winners for 2016: Kathy Nichols (335 points) and Perry Lim (325 points). Each winner will receive a check for $50.

That's all for this year. PLEASE RETURN AND JOIN US NEXT YEAR!

Perry Lim
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